Unicycle Hockey in Hong Kong

We have been playing unicycle hockey on Monday nights in North Point since September 2000 but we are always looking for more people to join us. 

If you have never ridden a unicycle before and would like to try and don't have your own unicycle, please tell us beforehand so we can bring an extra unicycle for you to have a go. It's really fun, good exercise and free.....but at your own risk!!

For more information, please call Martin on 9203-1505 or Rob on 9283-3757

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Where and When 

We meet every Monday from 8.00pm to 9.30pm in North Point at a roller-blading area in a park.  It is on King's Road, North Point opposite the large Park'n'Shop in the building with a large Sunflower on it.

Learning to Ride a Unicycle

I've seen people learn to cycle unaided in as little as 4 hours but those people are complete naturals.  The people fastest to learn are usually the fearless kind who can already roller-blade, ski, windsurf etc but personally being a mere normal mortal with no other sporting skills to speak of and a complete wimp at these things, I didn't let go of the fence/rail/someone's hand until I had been riding for more than 20 hours spread over several months but most people learn faster.

Of course, cycling roughly in a straight line unaided is one thing - being able to mount unaided and wield a hockey stick in such a way as to get a ball moving in the right direction takes a bit of patience.

See recommended books about unicycling

Safety Gear

I wear knee-pads and sometimes leather cycling gloves as I find I am most likely to fall on my knees and hands.  Some people also wear a helmet.  

Buying Unicycles in Hong Kong

A unicycle with a 24" wheel is the easiest to learn on.  The Japanese Miyata brand are recommended but are also the most expensive at around HK$1800.  You can buy a cheaper brand from about HK$350.

A unicycle with a 20" wheel is supposed to be easier to maneuver to play hockey and learn tricks.  I have a mountain bike tyre on my 20" so I use it for muni (mountain unicycling)

You can buy unicycles from most bicycle shops (but they don't usually have much of a selection). Try:

Causeway Bay -
Tung Tat Company Bicycle Shop, 42-44 Tung Lo Wan Road, Causeway Bay tel:2576-1720.
 The guy running the small bike shop here imports Miyatas and has other brands too.

Mong Kok - have the 2 most well-known bicycle shops in Hong Kong and usually have unicycles as well.
Flying Ball Bicycle Shop (201 Tung Choi Street, Mongkok, tel 2381-3661 )
Mong Kok Bicycle Shop (opposite shop above, tel:2380-9868)

Wanchai - These 2 shops near each other usually have unicycles at around HK$550 each.
Chat Kee Bicycle Co - 185 Wanchai Road Tel:2573-2620
The Bicycle World - 15 Wood Road Tel: 2892 2299

Travelling with Unicycles

It is no problem to take your unicycle on MTR, KCR, buses, minibuses, in taxis and on airplanes.

Buying Hockey Sticks

We use ice hockey or roller-blade hockey sticks for playing which cost around HK$250.  Ice-Hockey sticks can be bought in Sham Shui Po at the Dragon Centre .  Hockey sticks designed for roller-blade hockey can be bought at the YMCA King's Park Centenary Centre, 22 Gascoigne Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon. Tel: 2782-6682

Unicycle Hockey Rules

We are not really good enough yet to be playing to anything but the simplest of rules that we generally make up as we go along.  But to see what we aspire to - check out the international unicycle hockey rules.

This is the skill levels chart for those interested.

Muni (Mountain Unicycling)

If you ride on the Hong Kong Trails you are supposed to have a government permit which is free. More details on the government website

Check out the photos.

We sometimes ride off-road too. See muni (mountain unicycling) photos.



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