"I think this is fabulous – it is a really wonderful and novel way for people to learn.....  I like how you give positive feedback about your progress too.  It makes you feel good about yourself and encourages you to go on." AC, Brindabella Chorus, Canberra, ACT, Australia

"My heartiest congratulations on a very interesting, humorous, insightful and easy to follow course.  The humour really helps to lock in the facts. And tho' I am very well versed in music theory, the lessons are fun revision." AI, Brindabella Chorus, Canberra, ACT, Australia

“It is so much fun.....Great for getting the brain going” CH, Southern Sounds Chorus, Frankston, VIC, Australia

“I love your lessons – they are so easy to use and so relevant. Thanks once again for sharing so generously your talents and resources.” DJ, Redland Rhapsody Chorus, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

“...really fun and inventive. Well done you.... thank you for a brill idea” AG, Bluestone A Cappella, Wales, UK

"I think I'm addicted-thanks Roz for a brilliant program. Keep up the good work." LB, Southern Sounds Chorus, Frankston, VIC, Australia

“I really love these lessons!  I actually played a very short tune on the piano the other day, something I have never done before as I couldn't read music.....Great job!” JD, Cheshire A Cappella, UK

"Your lessons were very well programmed and delivered.  They were comprehensive and to the point - which made learning easy." CN, Faultline Chorus, Wellington, New Zealand

"I'm doing Roz's current course online and highly recommend it. She breaks music theory down into simple concepts, explains them clearly, gives lots of opportunities for practice, praises success, and makes it fun too! For the first time I can name the notes on the bass clef, identify key signatures, and locate notes on the piano - and I'm only part way through the course." DM, Circular Keys Chorus, Sydney, Australia

"Am really enjoying these lessons… Thanks for all the energy you put in to designing this for us!! It's a buzz to learn new 'stuff' "  KB, Brisbane City Sounds, Brisbane, Australia

"Wow thanks Roz! Just on lesson two and loving it. Learning has never been so much fun, my husband can't get me off the computer!!" MH, Hot Ginger Chorus, Bli-Bli, QLD, Australia

"OMG: your first two lessons with examples and practice are incredibly clear and concise.  I can hardly wait for the rest of them!  I've taken 2 informal classes, and bought 2 books on tape and didn't get nearly as much as I did from just these first two lessons.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! " SN, – Publick Times Chorus, Newport News, VA, USA

"I failed music in school, I love this, thanks"  LF, – Heart of Essex Chorus, Essex , Ont., Canada



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