Welcome to Roz's Hiking Pages.

We are a friendly hiking group based in Hong Kong who do regular free weekly hikes, all over Hong Kong. Our hikes range from easy to difficult, so please take a moment of your time to read the information on this website before joining a hike. Any questions, let us know and we hope to see you soon.
78 Km in 10 sections

These are the official sections and times. However, if you click on the links you can see the actual walking times from where you can join the trail to where you get off. The stage endings on the map do not always have public transport available.

Times are estimates only.

One star denotes the easiest walks with 3 stars being the most difficult. Difficulty levels are not an exact science and will differ based on your own hiking experience / fitness level. Please read our Hiking, Health & Safety section before doing any of these hikes. Thank you.
Wilson Trail Map
HONG KONG TRAIL - 50 Km in 8 sections

WILSON TRAIL - 78 Km in 10 sections

MACLEHOSE TRAIL - 100 Km in 10 sections

LANTAU TRAIL - 75 Km in 12 sections
Want to come along to the next walk? Or sign-up for a future walk or event? Just send an email to the hike leaders.

Please include:

The date of the hike
Your name
Your mobile phone number.

Or telephone the hike leader at the number shown for each hike. You can also just turn up on the day, but if you are running late, please try and let the hike leader know, thank you.