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We are a friendly hiking group based in Hong Kong who do regular free weekly hikes, all over Hong Kong. Our hikes range from easy to difficult, so please take a moment of your time to read the information on this website before joining a hike. Any questions, let us know and we hope to see you soon.
We still don't have democracy in Hong Kong, but we don't want to spend hours standing under the hot sun in Victoria Park and then have the government ignore us anyway. So this year we will take an easier protest route. We'll walk up some shady back trails in the Victoria Peak area, probably circumnavigate High West and/or visit Pokfulam Reservoir aiming to arrive on Lugard Road to watch the fireworks at 8pm. Bring a flashlight as some sections of the trail may be dark after 7pm. Bring your best pro-democracy t-shirts, banners, yellow ribbons and slogans to chant as we walk! Bring a snack. Maybe second dinner and drinks in Central afterwards?

Meeting Point: Meet 4pm Exit C1, HKU MTR Station Note: This hike is on a Saturday!
We shall start from the Bride's pool bus terminus and walk to the source of Sam Ah Chung and do a down-stream trek along its lower course until it hits the sea. At its river mouth where fresh and salt water meet we shall skin-dive to watch corals, fishes, crabs and curious marine creatures . Moving eastwards with a coast trek along the rugged shore, we shall hit Ma Niu Shui and start an upstream climb to a waterfall to rinse our salty body with fresh water. Entering the Ma Niu Ho stream course with some bushy parts, we shall move north to join the Sheung and Ha Mui Tin paths returning to the bus terminus. Bring enough water, gloves, a mask and a snorkel (optional). Recommend to wear shoes while entering the waters to prevent cuts from possible sharp edges hidden underwater. Hikers will be responsible for their own safety.

Meeting Point: 9:20 am at Tai Po MTR exit opposite to the coffee shop.
Let's tick another island off the list of places we have visited. We'll spend a relaxing day strolling around, checking sea views, bridge views, tourist attractions (maybe), the old village, the beach and of course lunch.

Meeting Point: Meet at 9:20am at Central Ferry Pier No. 2 for the 9:30 ferry to Park Island
SUN, JULY 16, 2017: Jin Island
Jin Island is located in the Port Shelter of Sai Kung. It has a maximum elevation of 216m and an area of 1.8 square km. Because of exposure to the easterly winds and sea waves, landforms such as sea caves, stacks, arches and inlets add to the natural landscape of the island. The best-known sea cave is Kam Chung Ngam, commonly known as Goldfish Wagging Tail.

Let`s explore this Island and chill out in the hot weather. We`ll need to rent a boat from Sai Kung, which may cost around HK$150.00 per head for the return trip. For groups of less than 10, slightly more, but let`s see how many people we have on the day. If we can`t get a boat or there aren`t enough people we may decide to do something else.

The Island is exposed, so please bring plenty of water and sun cream. There are some areas for a dip in the water, so bring along your swimmers. We can decide on the day what time we want the boat to pick us up.

Meeting Point: 9:30am at the Sai Kung Bus Terminus near the toilets and the garden pool
We'll take the bus 6A to Stanley Fort and then follow the short natural trail over a hill to Rhino Rock. Then we'll make our way on roads and rough trails through some historic sites such as Stanley Military Cemetery, St. Stephen's College, Old Stanley Police Station, Old Post Office, Carmelite Cemetery, Maryknoll, Tin Hau Temple, Kwan Yam Temple, Pai Tai Temple and its thousand year old well. Eventually we'll have lunch in Stanley village.

Bring sun protection, water, a snack, and your history books if you like. You might want to bring your swim wear for a cooling dip at the beach after the walk. Expect a slow paced day in tune with the weather.

Meeting Point: 9:30am at Central Exchange Bus Square Bus Terminus at the 6A bus stop to Stanley.
We be taking a slow (hot day) stroll around the shady, quiet (hopefully) trails North of Yung Shue Wan to see how many new places we can visit. I'm expecting a relatively short day with second lunch in Yung Shue wan.

Meeting Point: Meet at 9:20am for the 9:30 ferry to Yung Shue Wan
SUN, AUG 6, 2017: Coming soon..
Details will be posted here very soon, please check back later.

Meeting Point: -
SUN, AUG 13, 2017: Coming soon..
Details will be posted here very soon, please check back later.

Meeting Point: -

We'll go aboard a junk in the morning and make a tour around the beautiful islands in the north-eastern part of Hong Kong. Remember to bring your swimming suit as we will definitely stop somewhere to swim. We may also take the opportunity to explore some of the islands after swimming. So, please bring along with you a pair of sandals good enough for walking along the shore.

Food and drinks are NOT provided, so please bring whatever you need to survive the whole day. I'll divide the junk hire charge among the number of people who ACTUALLY show up. The charge each of us needs to pay ranges from HK$200 to HK$300. So, feel free to bring your friends along, but you need to book your places in advance.

To book your place, or for more information, please email Amanda.

Meeting Point: 9:30 am at University MTR station (It's the one immediately before 'Tai Po Market' Station on the East Rail Line. Please DO NOT mix it up with 'HKU' Station, which is on the Hong Kong Island line.
Before joining any of our hikes, please take a moment of your time to read the following section, especially if you are new to hiking:

Hiking, Health & Safety

Hiking times are estimates only and should not be relied upon. A short hike may end up being longer, a long hike may be shorter. It is not recommended you join a hike with us if you have other commitments the same day as we cannot 100% guarantee the finish time.

Our hikes are generally never cancelled if it rains. Depending on the trail, we may change the route on the day. If a T8 (Typhoon Signal 8) is raised the hike will be cancelled. Please check this website and / or our facebook page for announcements on the day if you aren`t sure.

Finally, if you are coming along, please take a moment of your time to add the hike leaders number to your phone in case you need to contact the leader on the day.

Thank you,
Roz's Hiking Group
Want to come along to the next walk? Or sign-up for a future walk or event? Just send an email to the hike leaders.

Please include:

The date of the hike
Your name
Your mobile phone number.

Or telephone the hike leader at the number shown for each hike. You can also just turn up on the day, but if you are running late, please try and let the hike leader know, thank you.