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Highest Peaks in Hong Kong

This is a list of top 20 highest mountains /hills in Hong Kong which have distinct names.

1 957m Tai Mo Shan MacLehose Trail Stage 8
2 934m Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan) Lantau Trail Stage 3
3 869m Sunset Peak (Tai Tung Shan) Lantau Trail Stage 2
4 766m Lin Fa Shan (on Lantau) detour from Lantau Trail Stage 2
5 751m Nei Lak Shan Lantau (just North of the Buddha)
6 748m Yi Tung Shan Lantau Trail Stage 2
7 702m Ma On Shan MacLehose Trail Stage 4
8 674m The Hunchbacks (Ngau Ngak Shan) detour from MacLehose Trail Stage 4
9 652m Grassy Hill MacLehose Trail Stage 7
10 639m Wong Leng Wilson Trail Stage 9 (Bak Ling Seng)
11 606m Buffalo Hill Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay
12 604m West Buffalo Hill Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay
13 603m Kowloon Peak (Fei Ngo Shan) Central New Territories
14 591m Shan Yeung Fung Wilson Trail Stage 9 (Bak Ling Seng)
15 585m Kai Kung Leng North West New Territories
16 583m Castle Peak North West New Territories - Above Tuen Mun
17 578m Lin Fa Shan (in NT) North West New Territories
18 577m Tate's Cairn (Tai Lo Shan) Central New Territories
19 566m Kitchen Knife/Razor Back (Tai To Yan) North West New Territories
20 552m Victoria Peak Hong Kong Trail Stage 1

And if you've walked all those, try just north of the border in Shenzhen - Wu Tong Shan 944m with views back over Hong Kong.