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Upcoming Hikes

Sun, July 10 2016: Rhino Rock and Stanley History Walk (with Roz)
Led by: Angela Tel/Whatsapp:  5919 9377
Meet: 9:30am at the eastbound bus stops at Queensway Plaza, Admiralty.
Description: We'll take the bus 6A to Stanley Fort and then follow the short natural trail over a hill to Rhino Rock. Then we'll make our way on roads and rough trails through some historic sites such as Stanley Military Cemetery, St. Stephen's College, Old Stanley Police Station, Old Post Office, Carmelite Cemetery, Maryknoll, Tin Hau Temple, Kwan Yam Temple, Pai Tai Temple and its thousand year old well. Eventually we'll have lunch in Stanley village. Bring sun protection, water, a snack, and your history books if you like. You might want to bring your swim wear for a cooling dip at the beach after the walk. Expect a slow paced day in tune with the weather. Roz will be with us, so don't miss the chance to finally meet her.

Sun, July 17 2016: Tai Tan Country Trail
Led by: Angela Tel/Whatsapp:  5919 9377
Meet: 10am at the Sai Kung Bus Terminus near the toilets and the garden pool
Time:  3hrs
Description: We'll take the bus to Wong Shek Pier and then follow the fairly flat trail following the coast towards Hoi Ha. If we feel like it, we make also walk out to Ocean Point along the Wan Tsai nature trail. At Hoi Ha there's a possibility of a dip, cool drinks and then the mini-bus back to civilization.

Sun, July 24 2016: Cold Water Stream trek & Rock Tors Discovery
Led by: Keith Tel/Whatsapp:  6050 2268
Meet: 10 am at Leung King Light Rail station in front of Leung King Shopping Mall, Tuen Mun
Time:  6+ hours
Description: The Cold Water Stream (Tai Leung Shui) in the Castle Peak basin is rich with "sandy beach" pools drained by unpolluted water. The sand comes from disintegrated rocks after heavy erosion. Shall trek between its middle & upper course to see an interesting rock-split like slices on a loaf of bread. May tread waters to make detours from thorny bush or overhanging rock platforms. Required to walk on bare, gravelly slopes & meeting bush. Bring gloves, a pair of spare dry shoes. Depending on team spirit & time, will visit some funny huge rock tors at higher elevations. Starts from Leung Tin Pass and end up in Lung Kwu Tan Beach.

Sun, July 31 2016: Lamma Island Beach Walk
Led by: Angela Tel/Whatsapp:  5919 9377
Meet: 10am at Central Ferry Pier No.4 for 10:20am ferry to Sok Kwu Wan (Picnic Bay)
Description: We'll walk from Sok Kwu Wan past Mo Tat Wan and Yung Shue Ha, over the hill back to Sok Kwu Wan and then for a dip in the water at Lo So Shing Beach. We'll probably have a seafood lunch before taking the ferry back to Central.

Sun, Aug 7 2016: Twin Peaks & Violet Hill
Led by: Philippe Tel/Whatsapp:  9384 2680
Meet: 09:30 at terminus bus line 1, Broom Road, Upper Happy Valley
Time:  3 hours
Description: From Broom road, we will walk up Green Lane to Tai Hang Road, arriving just behind Mary mount school. Then we will cross Tai Hang road and take little known stairs passing by the French School and leading us directly to Parkview among the WW2 British pillboxes. This first stage will take approximately 45 minutes.

Then crossing Tai Tam reservoir road, we will walk up Violet Hills, which overlooks Tai Tam reservoir towards the north east and Wong Chuk Hang towards the south east. After reaching the top, we will follow the trail down to the base of the Twin Peaks, where overheating hikers have the possibility of going directly to Repulse Bay and take a bus back to Central. The courageous Roz hikers however will relish the challenge of climbing another 2,000 steps! The prize is a gorgeous view overlooking the South China sea from Stanley to the Shek O peninsula. By a clear day, we can see a dozen islands in the distance. After a well deserved rest and short trek down the last stage of the Wilson trail, we will reach Stanley road and catch a bus back to Happy Valley, Causeway Bay, or Central.

The trail is easy, well marked and mostly paved, but steep and without much shade. Make sure you wear a hat and take plenty of hydrating liquid. Also consider taking a walking stick to soften the impact of the steep down hill slopes.

SATURDAY, Aug 13, 2016: Dragon's Back Night Hike
Led by: Jenny Tel:  9804 2172
Meet: 4.45 pm at the Shau Kei Wan MTR station, Exit for the bus terminus (wait inside)
Time:  2.5 hours
Description: We will do "the back" in the cool of the evening as the sun goes down. This gradually undulating, rather scenic amble will provide us with enough exercise to work up a good appetite for our usual Thai/Chinese restaurant in Shek O, the "rock (shek) beside the sea (O)".

SATURDAY, Aug 20, 2016: Blacks Link and Tai Tam Night Hike
Led by: Jenny Tel:  9804 2172
Meet: Meet:4:45pm at Wanchai Gap playground (take Bus #15 from Queensway outside Queensway Plaza toward the Peak and get off at the corner of Stubbs Road and Wanchai Gap Road --about 30 minutes)
Time:  2/3 hours
Description: We'll walk Blacks Link, then to Parkview and around Tai Tam Reservoir ending at Tai Tam Road and a minibus ride to Stanley and dinner.

SATURDAY, Aug 27, 2016: X Mystery Twilight Jaunt
Led by: Jenny Tel:  9804 2172
Meet: Details to follow soon..
Time:  2 hours perhaps
Description: It's a mystery!

Sun Sept 4, 2016: Junk Trip
Organised by: Amanda
Meet: 9:30 am at University MTR station (It's the one immediately before 'Tai Po Market' Station on the East Rail Line.  Please DO NOT mix it up with 'HKU' Station, which is on the Hong Kong Island line.)
Description: We'll go aboard a junk in the morning and make a tour around the beautiful islands in the north-eastern part of Hong Kong. Remember to bring your swimming suit as we will definitely stop somewhere to swim. We may also take the opportunity to explore some of the islands after swimming. So, please bring along with you a pair of sandals good enough for walking along the shore. Food and drinks are NOT provided, so please bring whatever you need to survive the whole day. I'll divide the junk hire charge among the number of people who ACTUALLY show up. So, feel free to bring your friends along, but you need to book your places in advance. To book your place, or for more information, please email Amanda.

Hiking (almost) every week! More hikes coming soon.

If you have any requests for hikes you would like to do, please let us know.

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Hiking Recommendations

Please always bring plenty of water, sun protection and a snack. Also, in very bad weather or high air pollution, the hike may be cancelled. If in doubt call the hike leader. It if rains, we usually go anyway although we may change the route. 

Note that whatever the actual walking time, with travel and eating a meal afterwards, these hikes usually end up taking most of the day so don't expect to be back home until late afternoon/early evening unless specifically mentioned!!


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