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Sunday March 23: Castle Peak Peninsula Ravines
Led by: Keith Tel: 6050 2268
Meet: 9:45 am at Exit "F" Tuen Mun MTR station
Walking Time: 5-6 hours
Description: Between Castle Peak and its west coast lies a stream basin mixed with curious landscape and interesting plants. A crescent shaped ravine surrounded by vertical cliffs about 120m is the most spectacular. Its dark narrow winding entrance hidden beneath undergrowth further mystifies it. Once entered deep into the center it suddenly becomes a large 270-degree lecture hall theatre under a bright skylight. We shall first visit Tsing Shan Monastery (if time permits) and move northwest to enter the complex stream basins, which are rich with pitcher plants, and small orchards. We shall then pass the disappeared village of Heung Fa Lo and end up in Lung Kwu Beach to take a bus back to Tuen Mun. Paths mostly are loose, gravely, steep and at times bushy with many ups and downs. Bring gloves and enough water.

Sunday March 30: Tiu Shau Ngam and Ma On Shan
Led by: Brad Tel: 6487 9902
Meet: 9:00am at Ma On Shan MTR station, exit B
Description: Our journey begins with a steep climb up the northwest ridge of Tiu Shau Ngam. You will need to use both hands for some scrambles on rock outcroppings, but there is no technical rock climbing. Once on top, we continue along the usual Hunchbacks ridge trail to the peaks of Ngau Ngak Shan and Ma On Shan. In late March, the saddle is often covered with wild azaleas in full bloom. Coming down, we will explore a new (to us) trail that heads south and west into an abandoned mining area. The descent is likely to be steep with loose soil (and possibly some bushwhacking), so please bring gloves and appropriate footwear. If time permits, we will finish by walking out on a gentler path from Ma On Shan Tsuen to Tai Shui Hang. Total walking time about 6 or 7 hours.
In the event of heavy rain or lightning, the hike may be modified or even cancelled altogether. If in doubt, please contact the leader on the morning of the hike

Sunday April 6: Black Hill and Devil's Peak (Wilson Stage 3 backwards)
Led by: Angela Tel:  9528 4251
Meet: 9:30 am, inside Choi Hung MTR station at Exit C
Walking Time: 4-5 hours
Description: We'll take a minibus up Clearwater Bay Road to Man King Terrace where the Wilson Trail crosses. From there we'll start walking southeasterly on the gently undulating trails through woods, maybe taking a detour to of Tai Sheung Tok to view the quarry. After a while the trail gets steeper and we'll climb up to the bare ridge tops of Black Hill and Devil's Peak with views of Junk Bay. We'll end the hike at Yau Tong MTR station.

Sunday April 13: Border Walk from Shueng Shui to Lo Wu to Lok Ma Chau
Led by: Keith Tel: 6050 2268
Meet: 9:45 am at Exit A of Sheung Shui MTR station
Walking Time: 5-6 hours
The walk is mostly on flat ground except up to the Crest (183m) and the ridge paths at the end to Lok Ma Chau. Great views into China. You will also meet birds, fish ponds, border fences, military observation posts in the former restricted border areas and Long Yuen wet grounds. Most of the walk is unshaded. The route: from Sheung Shui MRT>along Sheung Shek River>Ng Tung River>up Tai Shek Mo>down Tak Yue Lau opposite the Lo Wu Bridge>border road>up the isolated hill at Seng Ma Lei Yu>along the fence road>Ta Sha Lok fish ponds>Ping Hang border road>up the ridge to spot height 134m> down to Pun Uk Tsuen>Chau Tau >Lok Ma Chau bus stop.

Saturday April 19: High Island Reservoir to Sha Kiu for lunch (Easter Weekend)
Led by: Jenny Tel:  9804 2172
Meet:  10am at the Sai Kung Bus Terminus near the toilets and the garden pool
Walking Time:  4 hours, lunch and one hour boat back to Sai Kung (or walk 2 more hours)
Description: We'll start on the trail past the little village museum in Sai Kung Country Park and go all the way to the High Island dam. Turning right, we'll cross the dam on the road and then turn right again following the road downhill. Towards the bottom, there's a trail to the left which is clearly marked as closed ...yes, that's our trail. It's mostly flat following the headland past an abandoned village and arriving at a pretty bay with a restaurant at Sha Kiu. After lunch hikers can continue up the trail back to the reservoir road or hire the slow boat back to Sai Kung for easier digestion.

Hiking every week! More hikes coming soon.

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Hiking Recommendations

Please always bring plenty of water, sun protection and a snack. Also, in very bad weather or high air pollution, the hike may be cancelled. If in doubt call the hike leader. It if rains, we usually go anyway although we may change the route. 

Note that whatever the actual walking time, with travel and eating a meal afterwards, these hikes usually end up taking most of the day so don't expect to be back home until late afternoon/early evening unless specifically mentioned!!


Join these hikes only at your own risk. The hike leader and those connected to this group and this website may not be held responsible for the safety or well-being of anyone who chooses to join these hikes.

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