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Sunday Jan 25, 2015: Long Ke Wan Exploration
Led by:
Angela Tel:  9528-4251
Meet: 9:00 am *Note early start time* at the 29R bus stop in front of MacDonald's on Chan Man Street, Sai Kung. The bus leaves at 9:15am. Latecomers can taxi to the trailhead near the end of the Sai Kung Sai Wan Road.
Description: We'll start walking on the trail to Sai Wan, turn right on the MacElhose Trail climbing up to Wan Shan and then looking for the rough trails heading out to the Tsang Pang peninsula. This time we'll definitely visit the highest point, plus view Conic Island. We'll follow the shoreline to Long Ke and end at the High Island East Dam. It's likely to be brushy so long pants are recommended and long sleeves and gloves may be a good idea.

Sunday 1st February: NE Lantau: Destination Silver Mine Bay
Led by: David Tel/Whatsapp: 5329 4284
Meet: 9:45am at the Lantau Toll Plaza bus stop of the North Lantau Highway. All buses heading to the Airport will pass this bus stop. You should prepare to get off after your bus enters the Tsing Ma Bridge.
Walking Time: At least 6hrs.
Description: We shall start our walk from the toll collection plaza of the North Lantau Highway heading to our destination of Silver Mine Bay, near Mui Wo ferry pier. Depending on the weather you should be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views which include Hong Kong Disneyland and Discovery Bay. The route covers mostly non Govt managed paths and some of these paths may be overgrown and/or brushy. Please bring gloves and plenty of water as this is a long hike. Depending on the time, we may grab a beer and/or some food before heading back to Central on the ferry.

Sun Feb 8th, 2015: Tung Chung Circular
Led by: David (Tel/Whatsapp: 5329 4284)
Meet: 9.30am at Tung Chung MTR Exit D
Walking Time: 5 hours
Description: This hike starts and ends in Tung Chung. The hike starts along the Cheung Tung Road as we walk for a few mins to find the start of the trail to take us up to Por Kai Shan at 482m. This start is very rubbly at times and also a little brushy, so a stick and/or gloves are recommended if you use them. We`ll follow the ridge to Lin Fa Shan for lunch before heading back to Tung Chung via the Wong Lung Hang Country Trail. This trail has a few steep parts, so again, bring your stick if you use one to help with the downhill. Alternative routes are available via Mui Wo and Sunset Peak if you prefer. If time permits we`ll grab a bit to eat and a drink in Tung Chung before heading back.

Sun Feb 15th, 2015: Castle Peak Stream Basins and Ravine Adventures
Led by: Keith Tel: 6050 2268
Meet: 9:45 am at Exit "F" Tuen Mun MTR station (There are direct buses from Central and TST.)
Walking Time: 5 hours
Description: Between Castle Peak and its west coast lies a stream basin mixed with curious landscape and interesting plants. A crescent shaped ravine surrounded by vertical cliffs about 120m is the most spectacular. Its dark narrow winding entrance hidden beneath undergrowth further mystifies it. Once entered deep into the bottom it suddenly becomes a large 270-degree lecture hall theatre under bright skylight. To visit it, we shall first stream trek the Pillar Point Creek rich with pitcher plants, orchards, camellia, then pass the disappeared village of Heung Fa Lo. Finally we shall end up in Tuen Mun. Paths mostly are loose, gravely, steep and bushy with many ups and downs. Bring gloves and wear long pants.

Thursday Feb 19: Kung Hei Fat Choy!
Tai Long Tsui Peninsula
Led by: Angela 9528 4251
Meet: 9:00am at fountain area by main bus terminal in Sai Kung
Difficulty level: Moderate and long
Description: We will catch the bus/taxi to end of Mac 2 and walk towards Tai Long Wan beach. We'll explore the whole of Tai Long Tsui. Then it's back to the Maclehose and we'll choose our way back to the road, either a few more beaches, or via Wong Shek Pier.

Sunday Feb 22: Plover Cove Circuit
Led by: David (Tel/Whatsapp: 5329 4284)
Meet: 9:30am Tai Po Market MTR Station near the coffee shop
Walking Time: 7-8 hours
Description: Great views. Some rough bits. We'll take the bus to Tai Mei Tuk and start walking across the dam. Finish at Wu Kau Tang.

Hiking (almost) every week! More hikes coming soon.

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Hiking Recommendations

Please always bring plenty of water, sun protection and a snack. Also, in very bad weather or high air pollution, the hike may be cancelled. If in doubt call the hike leader. It if rains, we usually go anyway although we may change the route. 

Note that whatever the actual walking time, with travel and eating a meal afterwards, these hikes usually end up taking most of the day so don't expect to be back home until late afternoon/early evening unless specifically mentioned!!


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