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We are a friendly hiking group based in Hong Kong who do regular free weekly hikes, all over Hong Kong. Our hikes range from easy to difficult, so please take a moment of your time to read the information on this website before joining a hike. Any questions, let us know and we hope to see you soon.
We will take the bus to the trail head at Pak Kung Au. The bus journey is about 15 minutes. The views of Lantau, the sea and sky are spectacular from this section of the Lantau Trail, but the level of difficulty is moderate with some gentle steps and hills. At the end we`ll find a back trail down to Mui Wo for an optional lunch at the Wah Kee restaurant in the food court. After lunch there are options to get the ferry back to Central or the bus to Tung Chung.

Meeting Point: 9:30am Tung Chung MTR Exit A

Note: This hike is on a Saturday and the route has been changed.
From Wong Shek Pier we'll see if we can find Sze Tei to bag a new (very small) peak. From there we'll head across the Hoi Ha Road and follow the long ridge top to Shek Uk Shan, the biggest climb of the day. Next we'll head down Jacobs Ladder and hopefully find some tau fu fa in Yung Shue or thereabouts. We'll walk on the road along the shoreline to catch a bus on the Sai Sha Road.

Meeting Point: 9:20am at Sai Kung main bus terminus near the shallow pool. We'll take the 94 bus at 9:30 sharp! Latecomers can taxi to the trailhead.

Note: This hike is on a Saturday!
FEB 2 or 3, 2019: COMING SOON
Details will be posted here very soon, please check back later.

Meeting Point: -
Kung Hei Fat Choy from Roz's Hiking Group.

A great hike to start the lunar new year ...and hopefully we will miss the crowds. We will walk from Pak Tam Au (end of MacLehose Stage 2) to Tai Long Au then turn left for Nam She Au, Sharp Peak. Our descent will take us to the quiet village of To Lau Wan where we`ll catch a ferry back to University (assuming the ferries are running). We may decide to change the descent route on the day.

Sturdy shoes with good tread are a must for this hike as there is lots of loose ground. Finally, please note the early start time.

Meeting Point: 9am at Sai Kung main bus terminal near the fountain and public toilets

Note: This hike is on a Tuesday!
This is quite a long walk on very tough terrain. We shall start immediately from the toll collection bus stop of the North Lantau Expressway heading to the destination, passing many isolated hills and secluded valleys up and down on misleading overgrown footpaths on at times steep slippery slopes. There is neither food nor water supplies but you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the DisneyLand, Discovery Bay, northern shore of the Hong Kong Island and the southern edges of Tuen Mun at high points.

The route covers mostly non Govt managed paths, some exposed, without directory nor villages : from Tsing Chau Tsai up Tai Yan Teng 186M>down Ngong Shuen Au >up Tai Shan291M >down Sze Pak Au >up Lai Pik Shan 263M >down Sam Pak Au >up Tai Che Tung 302M >down Yi Pak Au >up Lau Fa Tung 378M >up Lo Fu Tau 465M> along the ridges 400M >Mong To Au >Discovery Golf Course >up Wo Shueng Au >down Silver Mine cave >destination.

Meeting Point: 9:30am at the Lantau Toll Plaza bus stop of the North Lantau Highway. All buses heading to the Airport will pass this bus stop. You should prepare to get off after your bus passed the Ching Ma Bridge. (Ensure you don`t miss this bus stop otherwise you would end up at Tung Chung. If you are in doubt, please contact the leader.)
FEB 16 or 17, 2019: COMING SOON
Details will be posted here very soon, please check back later.

Meeting Point: -
FEB 23 or 24, 2019: COMING SOON
Details will be posted here very soon, please check back later.

Meeting Point: -
Before joining any of our hikes, please take a moment of your time to read the following section, especially if you are new to hiking:

Hiking, Health & Safety

Hiking times are estimates only and should not be relied upon. A short hike may end up being longer, a long hike may be shorter. It is not recommended you join a hike with us if you have other commitments the same day as we cannot 100% guarantee the finish time.

Our hikes are generally never cancelled if it rains. Depending on the trail, we may change the route on the day. If a T8 (Typhoon Signal 8) or higher is raised the hike will be cancelled. Please check this website and / or our facebook page for announcements on the day if you aren`t sure.

ALL our hikes are free of charge.

Finally, if you are coming along, please take a moment of your time to add the hike leaders number to your phone in case you need to contact the leader on the day.

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Roz's Hiking Group
Want to come along to the next walk? Or sign-up for a future walk or event? Just send an email to the hike leaders.

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Or telephone the hike leader at the number shown for each hike. You can also just turn up on the day, but if you are running late, please try and let the hike leader know, thank you.