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Upcoming Hikes

Sun, Oct 30, 2016: Rooster Ridge (Kai Kung Leng)
Co Led by: Amanda Tel/Whatsapp:  9333 2622
Co Led by: David Tel/Whatsapp:  5329 4284
Meet: 10:00am at Kam Sheung Road MTR (Exit C)
Time:  4/5 Hours
Description: We’ll take a bus to our starting point in Kiu Tau to begin our climb. The first uphill is reasonably steep and continues upward all the way to a level of about 570 meters. We’ll take our time on the uphill and once we get to the top, the trail will take us mostly downwards (with a few smaller ups here and there). The hike will feature very nice scenery over and around the fully exposed mountain range. If the weather is decent, we’ll get good views of Shenzhen, Pat Heung valley, Yuen Long and, in general, the northern New Territories. Before finishing in Kam Tin village, we have the option of seeing some of the old Tang Ancestral Halls and other old Chinese style buildings. This hike is suitable for all levels of hikers but be prepared for some gravel and loose soil on some of the downhill parts. Please also make sure you bring enough water with you as the weather is still pretty warm.

Sun, Nov 6, 2016: Details to follow soon..

Sun, Nov 13, 2016: Details to follow soon..

Sun, Nov 20 2016: Tiger Roar Rock River
Led by: Mango Tel/Whatsapp:  6350 2912
Meet: 9:30 am at Exit B, Tung Chung MTR station
Time:  5/6 Hours
Description: After our bus ride to Shui Hau, we'll walk up to the Lantau Trail and start walking on the water catchment towards Shek Pik until we find the turn-off for Rock River. Our route climbs between two of the Dog Teeth. We'll encounter some brushy areas and short cliffs. Towards the top we will walk over tippy boulders taking care not to let them topple over onto hikers below. At the top of the Rock River, we'll join the Dog Tooth route and continue on to Lantau Peak, finishing at the Tung Chung Road. Please wear long pants, long sleeves and maybe gloves to protect yourself.

Sun, Nov 27, 2016: Details to follow soon..

Sun, Dec 4, 2016: South Heaven Gate (Lantau Island)
Led by: Mango Tel/Whatsapp:  6350 2912
Meet: 9:30 am at Exit B, Tung Chung MTR station
Time:  6/7 Hours
Description: We'll take a bus to Ngong Ping.  We'll then take the following route:

Ngong Ping -> Wisdom Path -> Tsam Chai Au -> The Bird Rock -> Twin Mouses Path -> King Tin Gorge -> Skylight Gorge -> Nam Cha Path -> South Heaven Gate -> Pak Kung Au.

The South Heaven Gate lies at the south of Lantau Peak at an altitude of 700m with unique rocks and gorges.  The trail is very rugged and steep.  It requires you to clamber.  This hike is ONLY SUITABLE for experienced hikers.  Please bring gloves and hiking stick with you.  The hike will last for the whole day, and hence please carry enough food and water.

Sun, Dec 11, 2016: Details to follow soon..

Sun, Dec 18, 2016: Details to follow soon..

Hiking (almost) every week! More hikes coming soon.

If you have any requests for hikes you would like to do, please let us know.

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Hiking Recommendations

Please always bring plenty of water, sun protection and a snack. Also, in very bad weather or high air pollution, the hike may be cancelled. If in doubt call the hike leader. It if rains, we usually go anyway although we may change the route. 

Note that whatever the actual walking time, with travel and eating a meal afterwards, these hikes usually end up taking most of the day so don't expect to be back home until late afternoon/early evening unless specifically mentioned!!


Join these hikes only at your own risk. The hike leader and those connected to this group and this website may not be held responsible for the safety or well-being of anyone who chooses to join these hikes.

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