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We are a friendly hiking group based in Hong Kong who do regular free weekly hikes, all over Hong Kong. Our hikes range from easy to difficult, so please take a moment of your time to read the information on this website before joining a hike. Any questions, let us know and we hope to see you soon.
Difficulty Level: Moderate but fairly long

Things to Bring: Something to share for the Xmas lunch out on the peninsula (towards Tai Long Tsui, Sai Kung) & head torch just in case (if you have one), but plan not to be on hike once dark, plenty of water & Christmas cheer.

We will catch the bus/taxi to end of Mac 2 and walk towards Tai Long Wan beach along Mac 2 (the first part maybe a bit boring for those who have been on it many times, but I promise you it gets better) until we come to the beach, and then we head out onto the peninsula. The last time I did this walk which was ages ago, we had sunny blue skies and it was brilliant having a picnic lunch out at the head. It really is lovely out on the peninsula. Hope for the same again. Then it's back to Maclehose and then it's up to us. Last time, we came back past Sai Wan beach. It made it quite a long walk and we did finish in the dark, but as it is along well paved path, no worries & finished at pavilion and caught a cab back to Sai Kung, or alternatively go back the way we came in. All depends how much time and walking you want to do. We finished up with a very nice meal in Sai Kung - it ended up being a full day out.

Meeting Point: 9 am at fountain area by main bus terminal in Sai Kung

Please let me know if you can make it and what food items you may be bringing. Thank you.
Anyone with no Christmas Eve plans may want to join us for this short walk to Stanley via Violet Hill & The Twins. This hike always gets the blood pumping even in the cool weather, mainly due to the 1000 step ascent to The Twins. Note that the trail is a little rugged in places. We can grab a bite to eat in Stanley before heading back or go back to Central directly. We`ll decide on the day what we feel like doing.

Meeting Point: 9:30am Central Exchange Bus Terminus at the Bus No.6 stop (to Stanley)
We shall first visit Ha Tsuen, an ancient walled village and then the Chinese temple Lin To Monastery hidden deep inside Ha Tsuen valley. The climb will start after the temple and we shall ramble along the ridge-line southwards in the former shelling ground going through all hilltops between Yuen Tau Shan (375m) and the highest point at 394 m. The badly-eroded gravel slopes are at times steep, bare, loose, & at times associated with gullies and ravines.

Bring a hiking pole and a pair of gloves and prepare for many many ups and downs. Under clear weather, we will have a chance to glance at the Western Corridor connecting HK to Shenzhen Port. We shall end up at the Leung King Shopping Mall LRT in Tuen Mun.

Meeting Point: 9:30 am at Tin Shui Wai MTR station Exit A
After a short taxi ride to the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail near Allway Gardens, we'll start a steady climb. We'll take a few turns (maybe even some wrong ones) meandering upwards and northwards. We'll probably turn right at Ha Fa Shan, then left towards Sheung Fa Shan, and right towards Pak Shek Kiu. After crossing the Maclehose Trail Stage 9, the last stretch will be on the Kap Lung Forest Trail down towards some special milky treats at 'Farm Milk Co.'

Meeting Point: 9:30 am Exit A at Tsuen Wan MTR

Note: This hike is on a Monday
Leaders Dai and Kate will take the group to the bus station where we will bus it to the trail head. The bus journey is about 15 minutes. The views of Lantau, the sea and sky are spectacular from this section of the Lantau Trail, but the level of difficulty is moderate with some gentle steps and hills. At the end hikers have two choices. We can head to Mui Wo (20 minutes by bus) for late lunch/early dinner at the Wah Kee in the food court (and easy access to the ferry to Central). Or, people can catch a bus back to Tung Chung and the MTR.

Meeting Point: 10am at Tung Chung MTR station, Exit A
SUN, JAN 14, 2018: Coming soon..
Details will be posted here very soon, please check back later.

Meeting Point: -
SUN, JAN 21, 2018: Coming soon..
Details will be posted here very soon, please check back later.

Meeting Point: -
SUN, JAN 28, 2018: Coming soon..
Details will be posted here very soon, please check back later.

Meeting Point: -
SUN, FEB 4, 2018: Coming soon..
Details will be posted here very soon, please check back later.

Meeting Point: -
SUN, FEB 11, 2018: Coming soon..
Details will be posted here very soon, please check back later.

Meeting Point: -
A great hike to start the lunar new year ...and hopefully we will miss the crowds. We will walk from Pak Tam Au (end of MacLehose Stage 2) to Tai Long Au then turn left for Nam She Au, Sharp Peak. Our descent will take us to the quiet village of To Lau Wan where we`ll catch a ferry back to University.

Sturdy shoes with good tread are a must for this hike as there is lots of loose ground.

Meeting Point: 9 am: Sai Kung main bus terminal near the fountain and public toilets

Note: This hike is on a Friday
Before joining any of our hikes, please take a moment of your time to read the following section, especially if you are new to hiking:

Hiking, Health & Safety

Hiking times are estimates only and should not be relied upon. A short hike may end up being longer, a long hike may be shorter. It is not recommended you join a hike with us if you have other commitments the same day as we cannot 100% guarantee the finish time.

Our hikes are generally never cancelled if it rains. Depending on the trail, we may change the route on the day. If a T8 (Typhoon Signal 8) or higher is raised the hike will be cancelled. Please check this website and / or our facebook page for announcements on the day if you aren`t sure.

Finally, if you are coming along, please take a moment of your time to add the hike leaders number to your phone in case you need to contact the leader on the day.

Thank you,
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