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Upcoming Hikes

Sun, May 22, 2016: Sam A Chung snorkeling, coast and 2 streams treks
Led by: Keith Tel:  6050 2268
Meet: 9:30 am at Tai Po MTR exit opposite to the coffee shop.
Time:  6 hours
Description: We shall start from the Bride's pool bus terminus and walk to the source of Sam Ah Chung and do a down-stream trek along its lower course until it hits the sea. At its river mouth where fresh and salt water meet we shall skin-dive to watch corals, fishes, crabs and curious marine creatures . Moving eastwards with a coast trek along the rugged shore, we shall hit Ma Niu Shui and start an upstream climb to a waterfall to rinse our salty body with fresh water. Entering the Ma Niu Ho stream course with some bushy parts, we shall move north to join the Sheung and Ha Mui Tin paths returning to the bus terminus. Bring enough water, gloves, a mask and a snorkel (optional). Recommend to wear shoes while entering the waters to prevent cuts from possible sharp edges hidden underwater. Hikers will be responsible for their own safety.

Sun, May 29, 2016: Ho Chung, Sai Kung Sub-Tropical Woods Walk
Led by: Angela Tel/Whatsapp:  5919 9377
Meet: 9:30 am at Choi Hung MTR Exit B. We will share taxis to Tsung Lan Shue.
Time:  5 hours
Description: Leaving Tsung Lan Shue village near the Kowloon-side of Hiram Highway, we shall follow the shaded Sai Kung Ancient path, paved with slabs of stones, pass Wong Keng Tsai, down to the fertile Ho Chung Valley dotted with many horticultural farms. At Kai Ham, we shall ascend another path sheltered from the intense heat of the summer by thick woods winding along the stream valley passing abandon villages of Tai No and Sheung Yeung with solitary hill rice cultivation terraces. Then we shall move eastward to the crest of a pass and descend to Mau Ping San Uk, Mui Tze Lam and end up at Tai Shui Hang near Ma On San New Town. Though most of the paths are well-shaded under dense fung shui trees and great ferns, ensure to bring sufficient water and wear sun protective clothing.

Sun, Jun 5, 2016: Mui Wo to Pui O, Lantau Island
Led by: Angela Tel/Whatsapp:  5919 9377
Meet: Lantau Ferry Pier in Central 9.30am for the 9.40am ferry to Mui Wo
Time:  3 hours + beach time
Description: We'll take the trail behind the town to Pui O beach where we'll stop for a swim and/or cool showers. The walk will be a bit up and down at times and partially shaded. Pui O beach is very pretty with paddy fields and fish-filled lagoons nearby. Bring a snack and your swimmers. Maybe we'll have lunch nearby or in Mui Wo before heading home.

SATURDAY, Jun 11, 2016: Night Climb of Castle Peak
Led by: Angela Tel/Whatsapp:  5919 9377
Meet: 4:00 pm at Leung King Light Rail Station next to Circle K, Tuen Mun
Time:  4-5 hours
Description: We will start walking up from Leung King on a concrete road up about 300 meters and continue on a natural trail for another 200 meters up toward Castle Peak to watch the sunset (around 7:05pm), a spectacular 360 degree vista of northwest Hong Kong gradually fall into red around us. The route is not very difficult but it is quite steep uphill all the way to the top. Also prepare for a few eroded or gravelly grounds during the climb. After stopping for a while to look at the scenery, we will take steps down to Tuen Mun and civilization. So bring a torch and enough water (uphill in the beginning is mostly exposed!). Note: Donít be late! We will be racing against the clock to get to the top before sunset!

June 19 to August 7 2016: Details to follow soon..

SATURDAY, Aug 13, 2016: Dragon's Back Night Hike
Led by: Jenny Tel:  9804 2172
Meet: 4.45 pm at the Shau Kei Wan MTR station, Exit for the bus terminus (wait inside)
Time:  2.5 hours
Description: We will do "the back" in the cool of the evening as the sun goes down. This gradually undulating, rather scenic amble will provide us with enough exercise to work up a good appetite for our usual Thai/Chinese restaurant in Shek O, the "rock (shek) beside the sea (O)".

SATURDAY, Aug 20, 2016: Blacks Link and Tai Tam Night Hike
Led by: Jenny Tel:  9804 2172
Meet: Meet:4:45pm at Wanchai Gap playground (take Bus #15 from Queensway outside Queensway Plaza toward the Peak and get off at the corner of Stubbs Road and Wanchai Gap Road --about 30 minutes)
Time:  2/3 hours
Description: We'll walk Blacks Link, then to Parkview and around Tai Tam Reservoir ending at Tai Tam Road and a minibus ride to Stanley and dinner.

SATURDAY, Aug 27, 2016: X Mystery Twilight Jaunt
Led by: Jenny Tel:  9804 2172
Meet: Details to follow soon..
Time:  2 hours perhaps
Description: It's a mystery!

Sun Sept 4, 2016: Junk Trip
Organised by: Amanda
Meet: 9:30 am at University MTR station (It's the one immediately before 'Tai Po Market' Station on the East Rail Line.† Please DO NOT mix it up with 'HKU' Station, which is on the Hong Kong Island line.)
Description: We'll go aboard a junk in the morning and make a tour around the beautiful islands in the north-eastern part of Hong Kong. Remember to bring your swimming suit as we will definitely stop somewhere to swim. We may also take the opportunity to explore some of the islands after swimming. So, please bring along with you a pair of sandals good enough for walking along the shore. Food and drinks are NOT provided, so please bring whatever you need to survive the whole day. I'll divide the junk hire charge among the number of people who ACTUALLY show up. So, feel free to bring your friends along, but you need to book your places in advance. To book your place, or for more information, please email Amanda.

Hiking (almost) every week! More hikes coming soon.

If you have any requests for hikes you would like to do, please let us know.

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Hiking Recommendations

Please always bring plenty of water, sun protection and a snack. Also, in very bad weather or high air pollution, the hike may be cancelled. If in doubt call the hike leader. It if rains, we usually go anyway although we may change the route. 

Note that whatever the actual walking time, with travel and eating a meal afterwards, these hikes usually end up taking most of the day so don't expect to be back home until late afternoon/early evening unless specifically mentioned!!


Join these hikes only at your own risk. The hike leader and those connected to this group and this website may not be held responsible for the safety or well-being of anyone who chooses to join these hikes.

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