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Sun Dec 7, 2014: Ng Tung Waterfalls & MacLehose 8 Led by: Liisa (Tel/Whatsapp: 5329 4275) & David (Tel/Whatsapp: 5329 4284)
Meet: 9.30am Tai Po Market MTR Exit B by Starbucks Walking Time: 6 hours minimum (not including lunch) Description: We'll take bus 64K from Tai Po Market station and leave at Ng Tung Chai bus stop. Then go up to Ng Tung Chai village and arrive at the Lower Ng Tung Falls, the Middle Ng Tung Falls and the Long Falls, then continue to go up to the Straggling Hair Falls. Please note that there may be some rugged & faintly detected trail here. Afterwards, we'll climb up to MacLehose Trail section 8 and turn east. We'll walk via Lead Mine Pass and Grassy Hill along section 7, then leave the main trail to descend to Sha Tin.

Sun Dec 14, 2014: Wong Leng and Pat Sin Leng with Optional Extension  to Luk Keng
Led by: Angela Tel:  9528-4251
Meet: 9:30am at Tai Po MTR Station near the coffee shop
Walking Time: 5-8 hours
Description: We'll take bus 75K towards Tai Mei Tuk alighting at Shuen Wan where we'll have a short, flat warm-up walk across some fields and small roads to Tung Tsz passing by the imposing goddess statue. After a little searching, we'll find the trail up the ridge to Wong Leng. It may be brushy at first but will open out on the ridgetops. At Wong Leng we'll turn right and go up and down the 8 peaks of Pat Sin Leng. Those who are tired already can take the PSL Nature Trail to Tai Mei Tuk and buses. Those keen to complete Stage 10 of the Wilson Trail will continue on the pretty, undulating forest trail for another 2-3 hours to Luk Keng.

Sun Dec 21, 2014: Christmas Walk and Picnic
Led by: Kim 9187 4910,
Meeting time and place: 10am at fountain area by main bus terminal in Sai Kung
Difficulty level: Moderate but maybe fairly long
Things to bring: Something to share for the Xmas lunch out on the peninsula
(towards Tai Long Tsui, Sai Kung)
Description: We will catch the bus/taxi to end of Mac 2 and walk towards Tai Long Wan beach along Mac 2 (the first part maybe a bit boring for those who have been on it many times, but I promise you it gets better) until we come to the beach, and then we head out onto the peninsula. The last time I did this walk which was ages ago, we had sunny blue skies and it was brilliant having a picnic lunch out at the head. Hope for the same again. Then it's back to Maclehose and then it's up to us. Last time, we came back past Sai Wan beach. It made it quite a long walk and we did finish in the dark, but as it is along well paved path, no worries & finished at pavilion and caught a cab back to Sai Kung, or alternatively go back the way we came in. All depends how much time and walking you want to do. We finished up with a very nice meal in Sai Kung - it ended up being a full day out.

Sun Dec 28, 2014: Sai Kung North Exploration
Led by: Angela Tel: 9528 4251
Meet: 9:20 am at Sai Kung main bus terminus near the shallow pool. We'll take the 94 bus at 9:30 sharp! Latecomers can taxi to the trailhead.
Walking Time: 6 hours
Description: From Wong Shek Pier we'll see if we can find Sze Tei to bag a new (very small) peak. From there we'll head across the Hoi Ha Road and follow the long ridge top to Shek Uk Shan, the biggest climb of the day. Next we'll head down Jacobs Ladder and hopefully find some tau fu fa in Yung Shue or thereabouts. We'll walk on the road along the shoreline to catch a bus on the Sai Sha Road.

Sun Jan 4, 2015: West Dog Teeth, Ngong Ping and cable car donkey trail
Led by: Wai Lun (Tel: 9268 1576)
Meet: 9:30 am at the Central Ferry Piers for the 9:40 ferry to Mui Wo
Walking Time: 6-7 hours
Description: If you are not afraid of heights, please join this famed and exhilarating hike on Lantau Island. After arriving in Mui Wo by ferry, we will take a bus and get off just before the Shek Pik Reservoir. Then we walk along the Shek Pik Country Trail before turning right to enter the western trail of Kau Nga Ling, or the "dog teeth range". You will need to use hands to climb this steep and exposed section, so you might want to bring gloves. We will be rewarded with a great sense of excitement and spectacular views! Then we will go through the outskirts of Ngong Ping and move to Nei Lak Shan Country Trail, before coming down the mountain on the cable car donkey trail. The day's adventure ends in Tung Chung.

Sun Jan 11, 2015: Sai Lau Kong fishing village and Peninsula, extreme NE of NT
Led by: Keith Tel: 6050 2268
Meet: Tai Po MTR at 9:30am
Description: This hike will take us to a small and remote fishing village of Sai Lau Kong at the extreme NE part of NT. We値l take a taxi or minibus from Tai Po to Wu Kau Tang to begin the hike. We値l follow the path along the stream valley passing villages of Kau Kam Tsui, Mui Tin, Sam A Chung delta and finally to the village of Sam A Tsuen. Then we値l continue further on small, little walked & sometime bushy trails passing Ngua Shi Wu until we reach Sai Lau Kong. Then we値l just walk back along the rocky shoreline south of the peninsula. When going back to Wu Kau Tang, we値l take another hill trail up in the upper valley passing Lai Tau Shek village. Please bring your flashlights along just in case - we might run out of daylight at the end! Please bring enough food, a pair of gloves & water. Duration: 6 hours

Sun Jan 18, 2015: Clearwater Bay Peninsula/High Junk Peak/Tai Leng Tun-Lung Ha Wan trail
Led by:
Keith Tel: 6050 2268
9.30am at Choi Hung MTR Exit C
Walking Time: 5 hours
We shall take a Clearwater Bay bus 91 riding to Sheung Yeung Village and immediately start the walk along the ridge trail to the top of the sharp High Junk Peak (344m) with grand views of Clearwater Bay on the left and Tseung Kwan O on the right. We shall then descend to Tai O Mun and continue to explore the Tai Leng Tun-Lung Ha Wan trails in the Eastern part of Clearwater Bay Country Park. Lot of spectacular sea views if the day is clear. Bring a pair of gloves and water. We shall end up at the Lung Ha Wan /Clearwater bay road bus stop.

Hiking (almost) every week! More hikes coming soon.

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Hiking Recommendations

Please always bring plenty of water, sun protection and a snack. Also, in very bad weather or high air pollution, the hike may be cancelled. If in doubt call the hike leader. It if rains, we usually go anyway although we may change the route. 

Note that whatever the actual walking time, with travel and eating a meal afterwards, these hikes usually end up taking most of the day so don't expect to be back home until late afternoon/early evening unless specifically mentioned!!


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